It might just be me, but this year felt like it flew by faster than any I can recall. Despite everything that’s happened, God has been faithful to all of us at every step. With respect to City Church specifically, here are 21 things God unmistakably did in the last year.

1. God helped our in-person attendance rebound from the pandemic.

2. God provided steadily in terms of our financial needs.

3. God grew our youth ministry. We had just over a handful of students attending youth group when we restarted it in the Summer of 2020. Now we have 40+. Pastor Aaron and RevCrew are crushing it.

4. We had 4 salvations among our youth at camp.

5. God led new folks to Himself and to City Church specifically. Some who watched online exclusively during the pandemic started coming. We also had some folks receive Christ and get baptized.

6. God gave us a great Easter. Re-watch this version of “Every Victory” here and “You Keep Hope Alive” here.

7. God gave us a very fun summer as a church. Pretty sure we had the best luau I can remember.

8. God helped us relaunch our women’s ministry “The Well.” Our first event back had over 75 in attendance.

9. God gave us a new City Kids Director! She’s doing a great job and I think she’s pretty cute too… okay it’s my WIFE if you didn’t know and I’m so proud of her!

10. God brought City Kids back to 40+ children attending weekly (close to pre-pandemic numbers). For a frame of reference, the church is around 65-70% of our pre-pandemic numbers as a whole so the rebound of our kids’ ministry is phenomenal.

11. God is growing the church nursery (maybe a bunch of “pandemic babies”?).

12. God provided funding for us to resource our online ministry and hire a tech director – Cameron Luke.

13. We celebrated 12 years of City Church with God!

14. Our team wrote a new song called “Wake Up” (Watch it here).

15. Our whole church stuffed almost 120 backpacks to give to Anaheim High School students (video recap).

16. God opened the door for us to distribute groceries to thousands of people with Love Anaheim.

17. God is now opening the door for us to serve the homeless alongside of the Salvation Army in 2022.

18. God allowed us to complete another huge structural issue at the church. The Community Center now has brand new roofing and HVAC!

19. God provided an additional renter church to help us offset the cost of the campus so that more money goes straight to ministry.

20. God gave us an epic Christmas 2021 to make up for old times. We had just under 300 people between the three services! One especially encouraging note for me was seeing many folks return for Christmas that we haven’t seen since the pandemic.

21. God has already put it on the hearts of a good many to make a year-end gift.

Before the year ends, we’d like to ask you to all of you to prayerfully consider making a “Year-End Gift.” You can do so online here or on the Church Center App. Just be sure to select the “Year-End Giving” drop-down menu. Whether it’s a “catch-up tithe” or an “above and beyond” offering, it will greatly bless our church.

For a donation to count towards 2021 giving, it has to be done before December 31st at 11:59pm on our website. I’d advise doing it a bit sooner just to be safe! If you would like to bring a check, email me or directly and we will coordinate with you.

Thank you for being a part of this community and for your faithfulness and partnership in ministry. We look forward to seeing what God does in 2022!

In Christ,

Pastor Kyle