Kyle Bonenberger - November 7, 2021

You Are Precious to God

1st Californians

When we kicked off the 1 Corinthians series, it was mentioned that we would eventually get to one of the biggest chapters on sexual immorality in the entire New Testament. As we delve into this topic, put it in your mind and in your heart that God is coming from the perspective of the best dad ever. He’s not here to make you feel bad for things you’ve done and He’s not a buzzkill trying to take the fun out of your life. He’s here as a loving Father trying to set His kids up for true success in relationships, in life, and in marriage. The reason? You are precious to God. He loves us more than we’ll ever know and He always wants the very best for us. We are the ones who sell ourselves short of His best. Open a Bible to 1 Corinthians 5 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

From Series: "1st Californians"

The similarities between ancient Corinth during the first century and California/Orange County in 2021 are unbelievably striking. Grab a bible and follow along as we dive into 1st Corinthians together.

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