Kyle Bonenberger - March 28, 2021

A Checklist of Everything Needed for a Successful Meeting with God

Today we join Pastor Kyle in Exodus 19. This is the beginning of a series of events where Moses goes up and down Mount Horeb to meet with God, receive the Law, and instruct the people how they are to live as children of God. Exodus has shown us that the Israelites had already been observing some of the practices associated with Jewish law but this defining meeting between Moses and God would codify in writing what it meant to be the people of God. One massive difference between Christians today and the Israelites then is that we don’t depend on any human being to be our intercessor with God. We have Jesus our great intercessor, and because of Him, we can go boldly before the throne of grace with confidence. That being said, Exodus 19 offers some thoughts for us to consider before we go and meet with God.

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The Book of Exodus.

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