Kyle Bonenberger - November 14, 2021

Keep It in the Family

When it comes to dealing with conflict, a couple of old sayings come to mind. One is “Don’t air your dirty laundry.” The other is “Keep it in the family.” Both remain incredibly relevant to all of us today as well. The section we’re going to look at today is sandwiched in the narrative we talked about last week related to sexual immorality. It’s almost like an “aside” where the Apostle Paul remembered he also wanted to address this while talking about something else. In the middle of talking about sexual morality, Paul addresses how Christians should handle extreme cases of disagreements amongst themselves. We’re going to see him encourage the Corinthian Church to “keep it in the family.” Open a bible to 1st Corinthians 6:1-8 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

From Series: "1st Californians"

The similarities between ancient Corinth during the first century and California/Orange County in 2021 are unbelievably striking. Grab a bible and follow along as we dive into 1st Corinthians together.

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