Kyle Bonenberger - October 10, 2021

I’ve Got a (Not-so) Secret for You

1st Californians

Everyone is looking for some “secret” or “hidden” knowledge to give them an edge in life. Lots of movies have a plotline that involves a “secret” of mystic or borderline divine origins that has the power to transform a person’s life. People will search for hidden meaning all over the place to try and figure out the meaning of their own lives but will often look everywhere but to the God of the Bible who lays everything out plainly. It’s the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for all. He died for us, promises to forgive us of our sins, to adopt us into His family, to fill us with His Holy Spirit, and to give us an eternal life beyond anything we could ask for or imagine. That’s it. Open a bible to 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

From Series: "1st Californians"

The similarities between ancient Corinth during the first century and California/Orange County in 2021 are unbelievably striking. Grab a bible and follow along as we dive into 1st Corinthians together.

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