Kyle Bonenberger - October 3, 2021

The Right Kind of Crazy Might Be Exactly What You Need

1st Californians

When someone is perishing (or feels like they are), they’re often frantic and they panic. In a panic to save your life, you’ll reach for anything that might save you. If you want to live, you’ve got to slow your mind down and make sure you grab the right thing. Sometimes the right thing to grab feels wrong and crazy but in these kinds of moments is sometimes exactly what we need to survive. So, the RIGHT kind of crazy is exactly what we need to pull us through a crisis. In that way, the right kind of crazy actually isn’t crazy at all. Today we’re going to see the Apostle Paul talk about God’s wisdom vs. the wisdom of the world. Open a bible to 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

From Series: "1st Californians"

The similarities between ancient Corinth during the first century and California/Orange County in 2021 are unbelievably striking. Grab a bible and follow along as we dive into 1st Corinthians together.

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