It’s now been over seven years that City Church has called 701 W. Broadway our 24/7/365 home. The legacy of this campus is a gift that keeps on giving and we praise God for it. We also praise God for the people who have made it possible for us to be here.


When we were gifted this campus, we were (and still are) overwhelmed with gratitude. At the same time, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Just about all the roofs were original – and most of them leaked. All the air conditioners were on their last leg (with the “newest” unit being 24 years old). The kids’ and administrative wings of the campus only had window air conditioners (which were mostly from 60’s/70’s). On top of all that, there were also cosmetic issues we had to do to make this campus modern enough to conduct ministry in the 21st century. We have tackled the items one by one since we took over. We have invested heavily into roofing, insulation, campus-wide efficient HVAC, technology, electrical, plumbing, look/vibe/atmosphere, etc. You name it, we have worked on it. Even though we still have a long way to go, we have come so far.


A unique opportunity has arisen to tackle a project and we have to move on it fast. Here’s the cool story.


Not too long before Covid hit, the Community Center’s air conditioners puffed their final bits of cold air. We had been nursing the compressors, replacing the parts, and trying our best to keep them alive but things finally got to a point where they just couldn’t be repaired. Then the pandemic struck. At that point, our team knew we wouldn’t be holding indoor gatherings (like we used to have in there) for a long time so we weren’t concerned about it. That being the case, we had estimates in place to complete the job so we’d be ready when it was time. It has become abundantly clear that it’s time.


Fast-forward to the last couple months. A very generous donor approached me and said the Lord put it on their heart to write a big check to help us replace the broken HVAC units over the Community Center. They asked me the cost and I told them it would be just under $40k to replace the HVAC units alone. On top of that, we would have to simultaneously replace the roof to do it right, which would be another $20k (or so). This individual subsequently donated $45k to add rocket fuel to this project. It was a touch of grace from the Lord to our church.


So now onto the opportunity for our church.


We need to raise $15k to cover the rest of this project. As a caveat, we do not normally spring unplanned giving campaigns on the church like this unless there is a real need. This instance meets that criteria. First off, we all know our world is waking up from Covid and increasingly returning to gatherings. We have already had many on Sundays and we have plans for many more. Secondly, our youth group is growing right now. They are essentially maxed out in the space where they have been meeting and we need to open up a larger spot for them. The Community Center is perfect for this. The donor was actually the one who saw the need in the youth ministry and felt compelled to meet it. They (rightly) felt the Community Center would be the next natural step for this vital part of our ministry. I believe God gave this person wisdom that will bless our church for generations to come.


HERE’S THE CHALLENGE: The additional $15k is not in our budget for 2021. Though we have capital reserve, our church is not in a place to continually be able to cover these kinds of overages. “Eating” the whole cost will definitely put us in the red for 2021 and we think it’s wise to prevent that at all cost. So we are asking you, our church, to prayerfully consider making an “above and beyond” financial gift to help us cover the final $15k to re-do the Community Center roof and HVAC units. You can contribute financially in one of three ways.

  1. Go to and select the “Facilities Project Fund” dropdown on the menu.
  2. Give on the Church Center app and be sure to select the same fund as listed above.
  3. Write a check with “Facilities Project Fund” in the memo line. You can bring it by our offices Tuesday-Friday, drop it in the offering on Sunday, or mail it to us at PO BOX 587, Anaheim CA 92815.


Here’s the REALLY COOL PART: once this is done, we will have high efficiency HVAC in over 85-90% of the campus. The last few rooms where we don’t have solid air are spaces we are not actively using. So if we think in terms of “used space,” we are now 100% covered. Given that seven years ago the newest unit was 24 years old, this is a massive achievement for our church.


Thank you for continuing to be the kind of church that sees/meets needs as they arise.


Have a great week.


Pastor Kyle