Pastor Kyle here.


This update is specifically written to those who live in our local community who have yet to return to in-person worship since the pandemic and to those who have never attended City Church at all. We’ve missed you!


We’re planning three big Sundays in September and we’d love for you to be a part of it.


Sunday September 12th at 10:10am – City Church’s 12th Birthday Bash
-In addition to a great service, we’ll serve Gonzo’s Tacos for lunch after church. We’ll also have inflatables and games for the kids to enjoy.
Sunday September 19th at 10:10am – Free donuts at church. Who doesn’t love donuts?
Sunday September 26th at 10:10am – Inflatable obstacle course
-We’re renting a huge inflatable obstacle course after church for everyone to play on and have some fun. It’s not every day that folks get a chance to do that!

Despite everything that continues to go on in our world, we have been back to a new sense of normalcy for over six months now. The vast majority of our “die hard” folks have largely made their way back to attending in person services. Some haven’t, many for very understandable reasons. A couple months back I read a study that said the average American congregation was back to around 50-60% of their “pre-Covid” attendance. We’re slightly higher than that (maybe around 60-70%) but in that ballpark. So here’s the point of this whole note…


We’d love to see you re-engage with God and with City Church real soon.


A famous pastor named Dr. Tony Evans recently spoke to the need for fellowship saying…


“I hear people say, ‘I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian,’ and they are absolutely right. Salvation is through faith alone in Christ alone. But you don’t have to go home to be married, but stay away long enough and your relationship will be affected.” -Dr. Tony Evans


The fact is: we need God and we need people. Specifically, we need the community of the local church. The Bible speaks to the fact that the most important thing every Christian needs to know is to “Love God and love people.” If we avoid the people of the church indefinitely, it will affect our relationship with God.


We know there have been legitimate health reasons to stay separate from others. We’ve all had to adjust and learn to connect with folks in modified, safer forms. I have been a huge proponent of Christians exercising wisdom and caution throughout this pandemic and I will continue to be. That being the case, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Covid is not going away. Furthermore, there are options for folks to keep themselves safe (masks, vaccines, outdoor worship options, etc.). So the bottom line is…


We must all ask ourselves: “At what point is Covid becoming an excuse or a form of self-justification to avoid God and His Church?”


The fact is: we’re all taking the risks we want to take. If someone is going to Disneyland, eating indoors at restaurants, or hanging out with friends in their homes, attending church is not any more risky. In fact it’s probably even safer. I think it’s high time that we be as consistent with God and His Church as we are about every other area of our lives.


If you know me, you know I’m not a a guilt-based pastor/leader. I’m a motivator. At the same time, nothing breaks my heart more than seeing people alone and afraid. That’s not how God wants us to live. So we are planning three big Sundays in September to strategically call you back to community. We promise you will be inspired, be encouraged, and even have some fun. You can go indoors if you feel comfortable or stay socially distant in our courtyard and participate that way.


Hope to see you soon!


Pastor Kyle and the Team at City Church