Just before heading into the office this morning, Nygel and I were looking out our window at a rose bush in front of our home. He excitedly shouted out “It’s blooming!” and we counted every beautiful white flower we could see. I asked him if he knew why the flowers were opening and he correctly responded “Because it’s spring!” Nygel then counted all the buds that were not quite open yet and said, “I can’t wait to see them open. How long is it going to take for them to open?” I told him that it takes time but that they would be opening very soon.


We have all been expectantly waiting to see many different areas of our lives “re-open” this year haven’t we?


Spring is a natural time to look for new life and look forward to fun activities under the warmth of the sun. The fact is, there are still many parts of the world and even many parts of our country that likely will not get to experience the joyful spring that Southern California residents are hoping to see. We have much to be grateful for. Though things can always change, I am choosing to take in a healthy dose of optimism these days. That means making plans for fun, in-person activities for City Church and for my own family.


Allow me to tell you about two “buds” about to bloom in the spring/early summer at City Church.


#1. The long-awaited return of in-person City Kids (likely outdoors).


Easter Sunday was essentially a “test run” of a safe, outdoor City Kids service for our team. If you came or saw pictures after the fact, it went even better than we had hoped. The kids were all great about keeping their masks on and staying distant. The highlight for me was how many children told their parents (including my own) how excited they were to go to church and see their friends. Friends, I don’t believe I have ever heard this level of joyful anticipation amongst kids to go to church in my entire ministry. I think it’s time we capitalize on the positive sentiment and “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 19:16). We aren’t quite ready to announce an official start date yet but we are shooting for May or early June at the latest.


#2. Fun outdoor summer events.


With the new twinkly lights, our redesigned courtyards lend themselves to wonderful outdoor summer evening events. So we’re making the most of it. The first will be a Luau on Friday June 4th at 6:06pm. The last one we did in 2019 was SO MUCH FUN! While we want to have fun together, we are still planning to follow all the guidelines from the County and the State to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible. When there is food involved, we’ll observe “outdoor dining” guidelines that most of us have taken advantage of at some point or other in the past year.


Thank you for being an incredible church.


Pastor Kyle, Lisa, and the Team at City Church