Hey City Church friends and family,


One of my favorite things My FAVORITE thing we do every year is Christmas at City Church. The services are always so special. This past week our staff looked through some old photos, videos, and “Tales of the glories of Christmases long long ago.” Man… God has done some incredible stuff through these services over the years. We also know that attending one of our Christmas services has become a staple in many of your families. So it brings me no pleasure to share that…


Our team has made the very tough call to forego all in-person Christmas services this year.


We held off as long as we possibly could but unfortunately this most recent COVID surge is undeniable, out of control, and unlikely to improve in the next couple weeks. None of us imagined 2020 being what it is. None of us foresaw this virus lasting as long as it has or being at its worst point during Christmas. Though a hint of normalcy would have been soothing to our hurting souls, we are not living in normal times. As Pastor Willie frequently reminds me, “Facts are our friends.” Right now, the facts on the ground are not favorable.


Now that I’ve successfully shared the bummer news, let me tell you the updated plan and one piece of good news.


THE UPDATED PLAN: Christmas at City Church goes LIVE on Wednesday December 23rd at 7:07pm on YouTube and Facebook.


Our big hope is that all of you who love praising Jesus at our Christmas services would tune in live as it is happening, join in the live chatting, and share it with your friends. If you can’t make that time frame, the service will be up permanently afterward for you to watch on demand. Our team is going above and beyond to make this “online only” Christmas service truly epic. We are incorporating all of the tools and tricks we have learned over the course of 2020 to bless you and your family with a sweet time of Christmas worship at home.


ONE MORE PIECE OF GOOD NEWS: Outdoor in-person services on Sundays at 9:09am/11:11am are continuing as prior.


We know that spiritual and mental health are also critical to physical health and that many of you have needed in person worship more than ever this year. We also believe we are doing things as safely as possible given the times we are living in. For those reasons, we’re going to continue to gather in person and outdoors on Sundays. So go ahead and register for this upcoming Sunday here if you have not yet already done so.


Thank you for hanging in there with us this past year. Because of your faithfulness, we have weathered the pandemic and are positioned for even greater heights when this madness is behind us.


We love you so much.


Pastor Kyle and the Team at City Church