City Church Friends and Family,


After over seven months, I am excited to share that we are finally able to offer an indoor worship option again in our sanctuary starting this upcoming Sunday October 18th! As with my beloved In-N-Out, City Church now has three options on the spiritual menu for everyone on Sundays! Here’s all the information you need to know.


1. City Church Indoors – Sundays at 9:09am/11:11am.


Here are some of the precautions we are taking as we reopen the sanctuary to create the safest indoor gathering possible given the year we’ve all experienced. First things first, we will continue to check everyone’s temperatures at the door and require everyone to wear a face mask covering the mouth and the nose at all times. Second, we are going to keep the room at 25% (or less) capacity and ensure the seating is very well distanced. Third, our brand new HVAC system has built-in UV filtration that kills 99% of viruses and bacteria. Finally, we will sanitize the chairs and high-touch surfaces in between services. With all those things combined, we feel strongly that City Church will be safer than visiting the grocery store or many other places you may already frequent on a regular basis.


2. City Church Outdoors – Sundays at 9:09am/11:11am.


We know some of you simply don’t want to worship indoors yet. Because of that, we are going to set up our courtyard with chairs, shade, and a video feed of the service. We think this might also be a solid option for families with kids. Even though it is outdoors, we will still require face masks to protect everyone. God willing, the weather should¬†start to cool off, making this a very pleasant option.


3. City Church Online.


We are committed to continue to provide a high quality online experience. Beginning Sunday October 18th, that will switch back to a live stream from our main sanctuary here in Anaheim. Because it’s a stream, we will not be able to email you a direct link ahead of time anymore so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow our Facebook page.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: While our services officially start at 9:09am and 11:11am respectively, the pre-show starts about 9-10 minutes beforehand. Be on the lookout for the notification at either 9am or 11am PST to participate in the fun pre-show stuff you have come to enjoy. One stream will remain online permanently after the fact for you to watch later if that is easier for you as well.


It has been amazing to watch God continue to build His church in this highly unusual year. It is with renewed joy that we are able to make use of our beautiful sanctuary once again. We hope you will try one of our in person worship options soon. If not, we will continue to serve you online! Love you church.


In Christ,


Pastor Kyle