Hey City Church,


Drive by our campus (if you haven’t already) and check out all the construction activity. There’s awesome stuff happening over here! The “Raise the Roof” project is way bigger than our roof though. We are doing everything we can to modernize the infrastructure of the sanctuary side of the campus. At the end of this post, I’ll put some “before” drone shots as well as a “progress” one taken last week.


Thus far, we have…


✅ Removed and abated the old roofing.
✅ Insulated the A-Frame.
✅ Installed 4 solar exhaust fans to pull heat out of the peak (this will help with temperature control a LOT).
✅ Begun re-roofing the walkways as well as the A-Frame (roughly 50% of the parking lot side is done as of the time this post was written).


We believe the new roof should be complete by early to mid next week! Praise the Lord!


In addition to the roof, we are completely modernizing our HVAC system in the sanctuary. As you have likely experienced, we have had a hard time controlling the temperature in the main church. We have discarded two ancient units and are “biting the bullet” now to install an equally effective, yet much more energy efficient system. All of us will benefit from this improvement.


A note on funding of all this.


By God’s grace, City Church has been able to do this entire project on a cash basis (thus far). We received a legacy gift in 2020 (meaning someone who passed on and left us in their will) as well as another very significant financial contribution. This has enabled us to do what we have done thus far. Additionally, many of you have contributed towards this project. Thank God for providing for HIS Church. All this being the case, we are nearing the end of those funds and we still have concrete and painting work to do once everything is over.


If you have not already done so, would you please kindly make a contribution to help us finish this project? Make a financial gift to support the “Raise the Roof” campaign here. As the Apostle Paul once said in Philippians 1:5, it is “because of your partnership in the gospel from the very first day until now” that we are able to have a healthy church in Anaheim. Jesus’ Church is built upon the sacrifice of the saints. God is highly glorified when we trust Him in all aspects, but especially financially.


I pray that you are healthy and that today is a positive day for you.


In Christ,


Pastor Kyle





Progress (Last Week)