Hey Guys,


Pastor Kyle here. Thank God for the Internet these days. Amen? Soon and very soon (at least from the perspective of eternity) we will be able to gather in person. In the meantime, I thank God for the imperfect vessel of online church. It’s likely that many of you have not been to our physical campus in months. I promise you it’s still here!


Some of you might remember that City Church’s board shared a 2020 goal to replace our leaky sanctuary roof (read the initial post here). Though that might not seem high priority in the midst of a pandemic, the reality is that the Fall rain is coming COVID or no COVID. Since we are not currently able to hold in-person services, this is an opportune moment to get the heavy construction work done. As a result…


We are moving ahead with the “Raise the Roof” project beginning Monday July 20th.


God-willing, we will have a brand new roof by mid-August.¬†Please prayerfully consider making a gift towards this if you are able. You may contribute to the project here or on the Church Center App by switching your gift to the “Facilities Project Fund.”


Thank you for taking such great care of your church.


In Christ,


Pastor Kyle