Dear City Church,


It is a God-sized privilege for us to have a church campus as we do where the gospel can be effectively proclaimed. In the last six years of being here, we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure that it is an effective and attractive place to serve the Lord together in Anaheim.  One of our goals for 2020 was to tackle a few large-scale, plaguing facilities issues to ensure that we keep the gift of this property most useful for ministry.


In mid-April (just after Easter), we plan to tackle the most notorious facilities issue – the sanctuary roofs.


After years of unsuccessful patches where we thought we “got it” (only to learn it still had leaks), we have decided to “do it right” and re-roof the entire thing (including the A-Frame). That being said, the presence of asbestos that needs to be properly abated is turning this into around a $100,000 project. We still have a few other major issues we need to deal with in addition to the roof this year.


That’s why we are turning to you, our beloved church family and friends.


This is never comfortable, but we are asking if you would dig deep and make a personal sacrifice to help us get this task accomplished. If this were the roof on your personal house, you’d be screaming at your landlord to fix it. If you own the house, you’d be kicking yourself for putting it off. Well, this is GOD’S HOUSE! It’s His church. We are His hands and feet to fix it.


When the Old Testament prophet Nehemiah heard about Jerusalem’s broken walls and burnt out gates, the Scriptures tell us his heart was broken. In response, he said “I sat down and wept and mourned for days, and I continued fasting and praying before the God of Heaven” (Nehemiah 1:4). Nehemiah turned his broken heart to prayer. His prayers quickly turned into action and he did something about it. He drafted a plan and got to work!


God’s Church needs some love.


This should break our hearts, move us to prayer, and drive us to action. Would you prayerfully consider making a financial gift above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings to help us “raise the roof” at City Church? You can do so right here and right now here. If you are giving through the Church Center app, just select “Facilities Project Fund” in the drop-down menu. You can also write that same thing in the memo line of your check if that is your preferred giving method.




Pastor Kyle