Hey City Church Friends and Family,


Pastor Kyle here. As you are well aware, we are facing unprecedented times. Today, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a recommendation to cancel all non-essential gatherings of over 250 people. Our church runs under 300 between both services. Even though we would not see that many in a single service, we simply do not see a way to practice healthy social distancing while maintaining traditional church activities here. 


Effective immediately, we are canceling “in-person” Sunday morning services and moving to an online only model through the end of March for SURE in accordance with the guidelines issued by the state of CA.



WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? Simply put, we’re doing this because we CARE.


  1. WE CARE ABOUT OUR CHURCH COMMUNITY. Though some might argue that our seniors who are the most at risk could just stay home and we could continue “business as usual,” we have a lot of younger people who live with or are regularly around their parents/grandparents. If one of our younger population members attended and became infected here, they could put their family in danger.
  2. WE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE SEEKING GOD WHO DON’T KNOW HIM YET. It could do a lot of damage to the cause of Christ if a church contributed to the spread of this virus.
  4. WE CARE ABOUT YOU and your family. WILL IT “FEEL DIFFERENT”? Yes, online church will feel different. The good news is that this situation won’t be permanent. we care, and we’re being cautious.


ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, our team here is actually excited to be able to create thought-provoking experiences for you and your family to encounter God together at home.


We will create a “live event” on both Facebook and YouTube that you can tune into, interact with us, and comment just as if you were here. So be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications so you don’t miss the live broadcast.  It will be shorter, just about 30 minutes or so. At the end, we’ll encourage you to have discussion with the people in your home about how God moved in your life through the program.


OUR TEAM IS WORKING EXTRA HARD RIGHT NOW TO BE THERE FOR YOU GUYS in any way we can be. Since everyone is hoarding it, we’ll even let you grab a few rolls of toilet paper from the church supply closet if you’re in dire straits. We gotchu! 


God’s got us. God’s got this. This is a storm. Jesus might still the storm. He might ask us to hunker down and hold onto each other while it pours. It might seem like He’s sleeping in the boat while the water is pouring in. But if Jesus is in our boat, we’ll get safely to the other side. This is a unique opportunity for all of us to trust in the Lord. We don’t know what tomorrow will hold, but we know the Lord is with us in every storm. We love you. We care about you. Reach out if you have any questions. 


Tune into lovehopecity.com/live to catch us for a streamed experience that will go live at 9:09am PST and remain up for the rest of the day on Sunday morning. The same video will stay posted the rest of the day for the “late riser” (2nd service people). Try to tune in as it goes live so we can experience it together but if you can’t, just watch the video any time after 9:09am.


What about small groups?


We are encouraging small groups to continue to meet using “Google Hangouts.” We are not mandating groups not to meet together in person, but I personally am strongly recommending against it. You can download it for iPhone here and for Android here.


We’re here for you now more than ever. See you “ONLINE.”


Pastor Kyle, Lisa, and the Team at City Church