Hey City Church,


HEADS UP: this is going to be a (somewhat) lengthy post. Having said that, if you call City Church home, you’ll be grateful you took a few minutes to read it so you are in the know.


PERSONAL UPDATE FIRST: Lisa and I have been enjoying a low-key summer at home because the idea of traveling with babies sounds quite daunting to us. We have taken a few fun family days here and there but have not gone on any type of extended vacation. We are enjoying our new home and are currently hosting two exchange students from Taiwan named Jessica and Lydia. They are 16 and 17 years old and have been a lot of fun to get to know. How is your summer going? Leave a comment with an update at the bottom.


CHURCH UPDATE: Things around City Church have been anything but slow and relaxed. Summer is typically a season for ministry leaders to let their foot off the gas pedal a little bit; but it certainly has not been that way for our team. Here are some happenings you’ll want to know.


#1. We officially brought on a new youth director named Colby this month!


Colby and his wife Kylie (he says it’s hard texting me not to add the “i” in there) started coming to the church in the last year or so. It became apparent pretty quickly that God had placed youth ministry on his heart. He began serving steadily and it became apparent that God was raising him up to take the ministry over. He has already started in his role leading the youth group on Wednesday nights and facilitating our “youth breakout” on Sunday mornings during second service. Please congratulate him on the addition of the new role.


Some of you might be wondering: what does that mean for Obie’s role here? It means we can finally free Obie up to perform the role we hired him to do in the first place. In truth, we never hired Obie to serve in youth. It just so happened that we lost our youth pastor around the time Obie was coming on and there was a need to plug a hole. Despite the fact that Obie knew youth was not his calling, he took on the role to bless the church. Thank you Obie for serving our church until we found someone truly called to that ministry. Obie will continue to serve as a teaching pastor, overseeing our video/production teams, helping with music, and other ministerial tasks. To any parents/youth wondering: he’s not going anywhere and he’s not just going to bail on youth. He loves those kids and you’ll keep seeing him around!


#2 We are sending kids to camp this Sunday!


We will be praying for our junior and senior high school students headed to camp at the end of both services this weekend. There are returning and new kids headed up. Please don’t miss the opportunity to pray for the students in church together this Sunday July 21st.


#3 BIG BUMMER: We lost a central AC unit in sanctuary a couple weeks back.


If you come to 1st service, you probably notice that it’s really cold in there and wonder why we run it that way. The reason is because the old air conditioners in the church struggle to keep up as the day gets hotter. Because of that, we start blasting the air in the early parts of the morning to give the room a buffer as it heats up later in the day. God-willing, this new unit will help us be able to keep a more modest temperature all day long.


BOTTOM LINE: We are replacing the busted AC unit this week and the price tag is just under $25,000! Yikes! Though we have a maintenance budget, the church will essentially be eating that cost. We are not a wealthy church by any stretch so we will feel that for sure. If God has been blessing you personally and you feel the Lord tugging on your heart to help us cover the cost of that unit, we would be SO grateful. You can just give to the general fund at lovehopecity.com/give.


#4. Church serve day is THIS SATURDAY July 20th.


For those of you who like to roll up your sleeves and get dirty, this is your day. The list that needs to be done around the church is very long; but we have prioritized it to 3-5 jobs we think can be tackled in the 8am-2pm time slot we have. If you are available, we would greatly appreciate your help. Just show up with work clothes on. If you have any special skills, bring your tools just in case!


#5. Mark your calendars for City Church’s 10th Birthday Bash on Sunday September 8th at both 9:09am/11:11am services.


Though obviously we’d love if everyone came every Sunday, we know that is not always realistic. We want to give you ample time to plan to be here. Trust us when we say that the 10th birthday bash is one you will not want to miss. You’ll hear more details about it in the upcoming weeks. Leave us a comment below if you have any special ideas/suggestions for it! We just might use it!


Well, I think that’s enough for now. I am so grateful to be your pastor. Serving Jesus with you is a privilege I don’t take lightly. I know church options abound and it means the world that you call this one home. Have a great week friends!


In Christ,


Pastor Kyle