Facebook memories are both awesome and terrifying. Never before has a civilization had such a public catalogue of its peoples’ lives through pictures and videos. Around this time of year, lots of old snaps pop up in my feed from the summer we started City Church. This year though, the number had two digits in it instead of one. It’s an awesome reminder of the great work the Lord has done in this place as well as a sobering reminder for me of how quickly time passes. Though we have always celebrated our birthday bashes, in recent years we have kept them relatively “low-key” until the big number ones. Well, this year is a BIG NUMBER – 10 YEARS!! So…



We are going ALL OUT this year to make sure City Church’s 10th birthday bash is the best one EVER.



Here’s the basic info. The big day will be…



Sunday September 8th at 9:09am/11:11am right here at City Church.
Festivities will take place after each service. Because people will be hanging around church longer for the food/activities AND we’ll have a bigger crowd than usual that day, pretty pretty please (with 47 cherries on top) park off site )preferably at the Anaheim Public Library located here 3 minutes walk away).



Now for a little sneak peak for everyone into what we’re doing.



  1. God will be there. That should go without saying and if that doesn’t entice you to come to church, I don’t know what will. It’s definitely worth reminding us all about though. Hopefully God is here every Sunday but we are praying this one up BIG TIME. We believe it will be like another Easter celebration almost. It is an awesome Sunday to invite that friend you’ve been on the fence about bringing to church.
  2. We just booked an IN-N-OUT TRUCK! Yep. You read that right! It’s going to be a ton of fun. Heads up, we are going to ask folks to help us cover the cost of their own burger at $8/person. Our prayer is for everyone to buy one for themselves and for a friend. We don’t want cost to be an obstacle to your participation so if you really can’t swing it, talk to us and we’ll work something out. For most of us though, we’d spend $8 like it’s nothin so don’t just stick the bill to the church unless you really can’t do it otherwise. Grab your burger ticket online here.
  3. We’ll have all our normal fun activities + more. We want this to be a day for everyone to hang out and enjoy themselves. Accordingly, we’ll have our usual photo booth activities after service + activities for kids in between services.



We have two questions.



  1. What is your personal favorite City Church memory?
  2. Do you have any ideas you think might be fun for us to incorporate? We already have a pretty full plan but we want to hear from you before we solidify it 100%.






Pastor Kyle