Though I know summer isn’t officially here for a few more weeks, Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” launch of the season for most of us. Though it might sound surfacey “talk about the weather,” I was reflecting upon how it has been a remarkably cool Spring up until now. Anyone else agree? I’m not complaining at all. I thank God for all the air conditioning savings I can get! It got me wondering if this trend will mean a cooler Summer in terms of temperature or if the heat will kick up once the typical June gloom burns off. Time will tell.


Regardless of what happens with the weather, we have some very cool Summer stuff happening in the month of June at City Church. We hope you’ll make each of these a priority on your calendar.


1. Special City Church access to Star Wars Land.


City Church attenders have been granted a special 4 hour chunk to enjoy the new park while no one else is there. Also, we’ll get to preview the ride that hasn’t opened to the public yet and watch Star Wars Episode 9 while cuddling a real Ewok. Okay all of those were big fat lies but at least they got you to read on… justifiable lie? Okay maybe not (lol). Though both of those would be undeniably awesome, we aren’t that cool or that special (sorry to burst any bubbles). We’ll have to wait in the good ol’ lines like everyone else if we want to go. Now onto the real stuff coming up in June at City Church.


2. Father’s Day at City Church!


We have done a push-up contest for the last several years on Father’s Day at City Church. It’s an opportunity to hoot and holler at some dudes (who discover they’re not as tough as they thought) while praising our Heavenly Father. This year, we’re throwing in a twist. We will have two categories. Category one will be a 60-second challenge doing as many standard push-ups as possible (like we’ve always done). Category two will be the ELITE division who will do full blown BURPEES instead. I’m even toying with the idea of making it burpee box-jumps if we can find enough of the right equipment. Since I’ve started doing CrossFit, it seemed like the time to up the ante a little bit. Who wants to try it?


3. The Halle-Luau is going to be bomb dot com.


This is not a “commercial” for our event – this is 100% truth. Last year, the food was delicious and it was a really special night. I highly doubt you’d be able to find a luau experience for the tiny cost we are charging. Also, we aren’t making any money on this event (nor do we hardly ever on any event we host). What we collect likely won’t even cover all the food cost. That being said, we are doing this because we want to create memorable experiences for you with your personal family and your church family. Imagine how cool it would be if we packed the house? Would you consider attending? It’s happening Thursday June 20th at 6:06pm and will cost $12/person. Sign up online for the Halle-Luau here.


4. Graduation Sunday June 23rd.


Graduations represent monumental life achievements. One chapter closes as a new bright future opens. As a church, we want to celebrate graduates from all types of programs. So whether someone is graduating from Junior High, High School, a trade program, college, or even a graduate degree, let us honor what God has done in your life and pray for you in the next venture.


5. Worship night Thursday June 27th.


For the Summer, we will have some nights where our Thursday night service is actually something different from Sunday entirely where the whole church is invited. Thursday June 27th will be one of those (along with the Halle-Luau night the week prior). In lieu of the normal service, we’ll have a full night of worship. Come for an opportunity to sit at Jesus’ feet and offer praises to the King. We hope you’ll be there.


6. Young adult hangout.


We have seen a growing crowd of 18-35 year olds lately. As a result, we are hosting a “Young Adult” hangout on Sunday June 30th at 2:02pm. If you are in that age category, you are invited to attend. Sign up online here.


Okay, so that’s it for now. Hope you have a great day and please make these events a priority!