Hey Church,


It’s been a while since I wrote an update that was a bit more personal in nature. So, I figure now is as good of a time as any to do that. Since everyone loves our little ones so much, I feel it’s appropriate to start out by talking about them.


Nygel is two years and eight months old with the vocabulary of a 4-6 year old. If you’ve ever seen him and taken a moment to listen to him around the church campus or in City Kids (for those who are serving in there), he’s a chatty little dude! He even articulates emotional states with such detail that mom and dad are perpetually blown away. He’s funny, sweet, kind, and also a typical whiny 2-year-old. That being said, he is every bit the miracle that God had for us. Watching him grow and develop every day is absolutely amazing. He LOVES his little sister and is so cute with her. From the first day he met Emersyn, we have never seen an ounce of jealousy from Nygel towards the baby. His top interests include playing with his trucks, being outside in the dirt, and watching TV (we only allow a max of 30 minutes or less every other day don’t worry). He currently has zero interest in pooping on the potty… ya’ll can pray for us. Speaking of his love for the outdoors, the other day he sat down in the grass and said “Dad take a picture of me.” This is what I took. Seriously… this kid!



Emersyn is almost eight months old. She is an absolute doll. Her personality is very laid back overall. She is extremely smiley and happy and very rarely cries. Her first tooth just came in yesterday so lots of teething is certainly in our future. She eats like a champ and sleeps 11-12 uninterrupted hours every night (praise the Lord!). We are big believers in sleep training and if you want to hear how we do it, feel free to ask us and we’ll tell you. It’s not fun for a few days but it leads to kids who love their snoozes. On top of all this, Emmie bear (as we call her) is healthy as a horse and seems to be right on track for where she needs to be. Lisa and I are so in love with her and she has brought such a renewed sense of joy into our home. There are so many cute pictures of her on my phone that I struggled to pick one but I like this one a lot.



Lisa is the best wife and mom a dude could ever ask for. I am giving her the award of wife/mom of the century. =) She endured the sleepless night hump of breastfeeding/baby care like a champ. She is the picture of selflessness… always putting all of us before herself. Never once as a husband have I felt she ignored my needs for the kids. I don’t know how she does it all. She’s the bride of my youth and I’m more in love with her today than the day I met her.



Now… onto me. Ya’ll hear from me in preaching all the time but personally I haven’t shared too much about what’s going on up front. One of the biggest changes for me in 2019 was joining CrossFit. After four months of being in the gym six days per week, God has helped me build a lot of strength. At the (young) age of 35, I feel the fittest and the fastest of my entire life. That being said, nothing comes without sacrifice. I wake up very early every day to get in the gym so it causes the least amount of impact at home. I have met some great people in there and have already been watching God make connections in that way. I am also really enjoying this new season in our church. There are lots of new folks who aren’t just passing through but who are actually making City Church their home. I’m loving getting to know them. I am also loving this season with our family. One small thing I shouldn’t complain about but would seek prayer for is that my insomnia has been really tough this past year. The last few days have actually been better but if I ever come in looking tired, it’s not because of the kids or anything… some nights I just can’t sleep! One more thing I’ll say about my feelings related to church stuff these days: I feel so grateful to be a part of a church that allows me to be myself. You guys are seriously so awesome taking care of our family and loving us. We love you back times a million. I sense the Lord working in new ways in my heart this year as well as in our family and in our church. 2019 has brought great stuff so far! Here is a recent picture of me dying on the floor at the end of a workout.



THE BIG CHANGE! We recently moved into a new home less than a mile from church (0.7 miles to be precise). Though the process of moving with two children was EXTREMELY stressful at times, we have successfully made the transition and are now in a quiet space that is the perfect environment for our littles to grow up in. We also love that it’s so close to the church. I can walk if I want to. If I drive, it takes two and a half minutes to get from our garage to the door of my office. We are committed to living in the community where we serve and we’re already seeing the fruits of that. Here’s a pic taken right after we moved in. Thankfully, we don’t have to have cardboard in the windows anymore. 😉



Hope you have a great day and that you join us for Mother’s Day at City Church this year. Blessings.

Kyle, Lisa, Nygel, Emersyn and Mia (the dog)