What was once an idea in the mind of our team is about to become a reality. Ready or not, City Church is moving to three services! Our 6-week trial of “Thursday Night Light” begins Thursday March 7th at 7:07pm. By now you have probably heard about that. In this post, I want to share a few things you might not have heard.


1. We are calling it “Lite” because it will be a simplified service – the whole thing should be done by 8:00pm.


-The quality will be the same as you have (hopefully) grown to enjoy from City Church, just scaled to size a bit. The plan is to start with two acoustic worship songs at the beginning, hear the same message as the upcoming Sunday, take a quick offering at the end, and dismiss everyone! It’s not that there’s anything wrong with our slightly longer Sunday format; but this experience might cater to those who prefer a quicker experience. Also… the older I get the earlier I go to bed!


2. The service will be held in the Community Center.


(We believe) Church should be an intimate experience. One of the things we repeatedly hear is how much people love the community vibes here. We think Thursday nights will open doors for an even greater sense of that intimacy in worship as well as in community. At least at first, we’ll be holding Thursday night services in the Community Center (the building across the courtyard from the main sanctuary).

3. We will have City Kids as well as Junior and Senior High youth groups available.


-City Kids ministry will be available for ages 6 months to 12 years old. FYI all the kids will be gathered in one room (at least at first). We hope to be able to divide up the kids by age groups should God bless the venture in the future!
-Junior and Senior High School groups will join the adults for music and worship portion and then break out into the youth room for a tailored small group discussion. ** THIS MEANS NO MORE YOUTH GROUP ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS FOR THE TIME BEING **


4. We have Nick Vujicic for the first one. COME ON!


-If you have never heard him speak, the dude is a legend and arguably the “Billy Graham” figure of our generation. For the March 7th Thursday night service as well as the Sunday morning services on March 10th, come hear him speak. Here’s a quick video if you haven’t already seen it! We hope you’ll join us for the first Thursday night light! If not, please pray God would use it to reach new people for Christ.