Apparently there is a secret ingredient in our church coffee that is causing a bunch of ladies to get pregnant! Okay kidding… the real issue is that our couples just seem to know how to have a good time around here. Anyhow, two out of four of our full-time staff are expecting to have children in the next few weeks (myself and Pastor Chrizle). It is a joyous time and we thank you for the overwhelming amount of love you have displayed as a church. That being said, some of you might be wondering what you can expect in terms of “church stuff” once the babies pop out.


Allow me to reassure you that we have worked pretty hard to plan ahead so that things flow as smoothly as possible.

In terms of preaching, we have some great messages and speakers lined up that we think you will enjoy. Here is the schedule (along with some more information about the people).


Sunday September 16th – I will preach my last message before baby girl comes. I will continue in our Minor Prophets series and speak on the book of Nahum. If Lisa delivers before then, we have a “Plan B” in place but let’s all believe in faith that it will all work out!


Sunday September 23rd – Guest Pastor Russ Cantu (founder/creator of Catalyst Church Creative, a ministry branding/design organization) will preach a message from Habakkuk. In addition to helping churches better tell Jesus’ story all over the world, Russ is a good friend of Pastor Kyle’s, a former church planter, and the designer of City Church’s website! We know you will be encouraged by what he has to say.


Sunday September 30th – Guest Pastor Kirk Mackie will preach a message on the Book of Haggai. Kirk served as the Senior Pastor of Wilshire Church (our sister church in Fullerton) for over 17 years. He left that growing ministry to be a missionary who coaches and trains Christian leaders and pastors all over the world. On top of being a great speaker, Kirk is a friend to many of us here at City Church.


Sunday October 7th – Dr. Willie Nolte will preach a message from the Book of Malachi. In addition to being one of our elders here at City Church, he is the President of our church network Transformation Ministries. Today he encourages pastors all over the country as one who walked in their shoes for almost 30 years.


Sunday October 14th – DON’T MISS IT. Guest speakers Randall and Leslie Burris will share a personal message titled “The Death and Resurrection of a Marriage.” Without giving away too many of the details, this couple endured some things that would have killed most marriages. Don’t miss the chance to hear how God brought their relationship back to life. It’s sure to be an encouragement to everyone who attends (married, dating, or single).


As of right now, I plan to start preaching again on October 21st. I will take two weeks completely off from “church stuff” after we have the new baby (September 18th-October 2nd). The following two weeks (October 2nd-16th), I’ll be back at church working, though not preaching, so I can “phase” back in and adjust to life with two kids. Please pray God helps Lisa and I adjust to this new norm and do it with grace. We would also ask for prayer that Lisa recovers quickly after delivery.


Well, that’s it! I hope that you have a great rest of your day. If you need anything church-related, feel free to call the church at (714)795-3945 or email




Pastor Kyle, Lisa, Nygel, and Baby Emersyn Grace!