1. We are excited to announce that American Ninja Warrior Daniel Gil will be speaking at City Church on Sunday October 8th at both services.


If you follow the sport, you know that Daniel’s skills have wowed every audience from day one. If you don’t yet know who he is, believe us when we say you will be inspired by his story! Between his strength, his musicality, his dancing skills, and his heart for God, you will be challenged to reach new heights in your life. He will be speaking at both the 9:09am/11:11am services.


2. We’ll have a huge inflatable obstacle course after each service for everyone to enjoy.


Yep, you heard that right. INFLATABLE. OBSTACLE. COURSE. This thing is a MONSTER! We are excited to offer a “ninja experience” of our own after each service. Adults and kids alike are sure to have a blast on this thing.


3. Time-permitting, we’ll have a selfie-spot with Daniel.


All we ask is that everyone be sensitive to the fact that there is a short period of time between services and he is preaching so he needs a bit of time to get ready for the next service.


4. Please park at the Anaheim Public Library!


The inflatable obstacle course will take up 1/3 of our (already small) parking lot. On top of that, we’re expecting a lot of people and friends to hear Daniel’s story. We would never want a new visitor to be turned off or turned away because they can’t find a place to park. So… unless you physically are not able to walk, please make the commitment to park at the library. It’s about a 3-minute walk. Here’s a map to show you where to go.

5. See you there!