• The Most Exciting Thing We Do At City Church

    It's hard to believe that we are entering the final week of Grand Opening Month. It has been amazing to see all God has done. Last week we set an attendance record for a "Non-Holiday" weekend, cracking 300 for the first time since Easter!

    God has been very good to us this year.

    Even with everything we have seen in the last three months, I think that what we are doing as a church this Sunday is the most exciting thing we do at City Church - BAPTISMS!

    A BRIEF DISCLAIMER... Last week we did sneak in two surprise baptisms. Congrats to Bobby and Angi! This upcoming Sunday, we'll be baptizing several people.

    Our vision is "helping people find Christ in life's ________." There is nothing more central to our vision than watching people publicly declare their lifelong commitment to Christ.

    What is baptism? Baptism is the outward expression of the inward reality of salvation. It represents the union of the believer with Christ, the cleansing of our sins, and foreshadows our future resurrection we will share with Christ. Baptism doesn't save anyone or make them perfect, it merely represents the person's commitment to Christ.

    So come join us this Sunday at 10:10am to witness some baptisms and (those of you that can) remember to keep up the good work parking offsite!

    Nathan Kress Interview Now Available As A Podcast Download

    Last Sunday, our youth pastor Kevin interviewed his brother Nathan Kress (from Nickelodeon's hit TV show iCarly) as a part of our worship service. It was truly one of the most unforgettable moments of our Grand Opening.

    In case you missed it or you want to share it with others, we have made it available as a special edition of our podcast.

    Download the podcast here from iTunes or here from the web and share it with your friends.

    Anaheim Halloween Parade @ Our Doorstep - Sat October 25th

    Ever since 1924, Anaheim has hosted a "Halloween Parade" that literally crosses right in front of our new campus on Broadway. The image on the right was taken from the parade last year with our campus as the backdrop.

    Mark your calendars. We are in the process of planning an opportunity for us as a church to give back to our community as they pass by. The parade will be in the evening.

    Last year, 45,000 people watched the event. Let's rise up as a church to serve them. So... leave the day open and email alyson@lovehopecity.com today if you're interested in helping.

  • Behold, how good and plesant it is when

    Many have asked a similar question recently: "How is the transition going?" This verse sums it up.

    "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell in unity." Psalm 133:1

    We are experiencing a great time of growth and tremendous unity because of what God is doing.

    We'll be baptizing eight people (or more) in the next two weeks. We've seen some good great Sundays in terms of attendance and lots of new faces coming to see what Jesus is up to. We are in a season of growth. But... it has its challenges.

    Growth is hard. Whether it's personal growth or church growth, it usually requires doing new things. Every church has visitors. Turning visitors into vital parts of the body of Christ is hard work.

    Growth is expensive. This year has already been (by far) our most expensive year on record, but it has also been our most fruitful.Getting the campus in shape took some faith-stretching expenditures, but we are excited to see God's reward.

    So if you are wondering - "How can I make a difference during this time of growth?" Here are two very simple suggestions:

    First, go out of your way this Sunday to greet 3-4 faces you don't personally know. Thank them for coming. If you really want to bless them, invite them to your small group. If new people don't get connected into a small group within a couple months, odds are they won't stick around.
    Second, stay faithful to the Lord with your generosity. Thank you to those of you who support what Jesus is doing at City Church with your finances. The bottom line is that we have never faced a time of greater need than today. To those of you who aren't yet involved in giving, try it out! Remember how I said growth is hard? It is! It requires stepping out of our comfort zones, sacrificing from our own resources, and stretching ourselves into the unknown. However, this is the journey of a disciples. So help us grow. Get to know some new people. Welcome them into your life. Keep supporting. We are all working for Jesus' highest glory and the growth of His Kingdom! 

    Nathan Kress (from iCarly) will be at City Church this Sunday!

    This Sunday we are proud to welcome our youth pastor Kevin's brother Nathan Kress to City Church! Some of you (or your kids) might know him from Nickelodeon's hit TV show iCarly.

    Here's what to expect: Kevin will interview his brother for about 10-15 minutes during the service. Immediately after the service, Nathan will be available in the Community Center for a meet and greet and as many photos as time allows.

    Bring friends with "tweens." The 10-15 year olds today likely are probably almost all familiar with him and would be thrilled at the chance to hear him and possibly even take a picture together.

    On a side note... Kevin's youth group had 21 kids last Monday night. Eight months ago there were less than a handful. Way to go Kevin + Rescue Youth Crew! We are so proud of you. We are praying that Kevin's brother will draw more teenagers to get connected on Monday nights at 7:07pm. 

    Small Group Sign-Ups Are Happening NOW!


    We now have 14 small groups starting this Sunday September 21st. Join the "hub" of City Church by getting plugged into a small group that works for you. Check out the available groups here. You can sign up for a group right now by emailing lisa@lovehopecity.com or on Sunday at the info table.

  • The Party's Just Getting Started

    What a fantastic kickoff to our Grand Opening Month! In addition to being the highest-attended birthday bash we have ever had, we opened up our new kids' rooms, and Pastor Rick and I got DUNKED! Since we have so much to celebrate with our new campus, we still have three more weeks in our "Grand Opening Month."

    Five quick things...

    1. Our new kids' facilities are fully operational! Keep reaching out to your friends with little ones.

    2. This Sunday will be the best BBQ you have ever had [hands down]! Grill master Rick Mysse will be serving a free catered meal for us immediately after the service. Don't miss out!

    3. In the midst of the celebration, I want to remind you to be still before God this week. We kicked off our "Be Still" series last Sunday and I challenged all of us to 15 minutes of solitude with God every day this week. How is it going for you? I'd love to hear what you are discovering in your time with Jesus. Feel free to reply with an email and let me know how it's going.

    4. Birthday bash family photos are up online. Aren't the Crocketts adorable? Good news is all the photo booth pics are up on our Facebook page. Check it out here to find yours!

    5. Keep reaching out to new friends. We always say that any Sunday is a good one to bring a new friend, but it's especially true this week! The food will be fantastic so don't miss the opportunity.



    Baptism Classes Bumped Up 1 Week (starts this Saturday now)

    Due to some scheduling changes we will explain in more detail on Sunday (in the "What's Up" video), we have bumped up our Baptism service to Sunday September 21st.

    Practically, that means we had to bump up our baptism classes to the next two Saturdays the 13th/20th. Here's the info for the classes.

    Where will the classes be? At City Church in one of the new kids rooms (most likely the last one on the end that is for 4th-6th grade).

    When will the classes be? Saturday September 13th/20th from 10:00am-12:00pm.

    You can sign up, but you have to act fast! Please email alyson@lovehopecity.com right now to sign up.

    If you are a Christian and have never been baptized, Jesus commanded it... it's time to do it!

    Small Group Sign-Ups Are Happening NOW!


    We have 13 small groups starting the week of September 21st. Join the "hub" of City Church by getting plugged into a small group that works for you. Check out the available groups here. You can sign up for a group right now by emailing lisa@lovehopecity.com or on Sunday at the info table.

  • A pep talk from the coach before the BIG GAME.

    As you may have seen on our Facebook post, our new sign is up signaling a new season beginning at our new campus. I feel a bit more like a coach this week getting the team (you guys) ready for the big game. Here's my 2-minute pep talk...

    You know what to do. For 5 years we've been preparing for this moment. Perhaps you haven't been coming the whole time, but as a follower of Christ you already know what to do because His Spirit is inside of you!

    You know who we are. Hopefully by now you have gathered that this is a safe place to bring friends. We are the kind of church that will love people where they are while leaving them with a calling to a higher life in Christ.

    Don't expect anything too crazy this weekend. I think we have built a reputation over the years for doing some pretty "over the top" stuff (that I'm pretty proud of). With that said, we have some fun things happening this weekend; but we aren't trying to "one-up" anything. We have spent a lot of energy in multiple directions. This Sunday we are hoping to put our focus right where it needs to be - on the spiritual aspect of what God is doing.

    Get out on the field and make a difference. Listen, the most important thing you can do this week is to bring a new friend or two to church on Sunday. On a weekend like this, it's a prime opportunity to welcome someone new in to investigate what Jesus Christ is all about. We have lots of room to grow into our new facility. There are so many people you know who need Jesus. Reach out to a few this week and make a difference.

    Don't just be a spectator this weekend, get in the game. A spectator shows up to "enjoy the show." I challenge every one of you to get out onto the field (your life) and bring Christ to some folks who need Him desperately. Whether they don't know God at all, or are believers who have wandered off in their faith, it's time to reach out. All it takes is a simple invite... who's with me?

    Some more info on what you can expect for this Sunday.

    After two months of "soft launch," we can't wait for our Grand Opening Month! Beginning with our 5th Birthday Bash, we're going to have a blast! Here's what you can expect...

    1. A brand new series launch focused on spiritual growth.
    2. The unveiling of the new City Kids rooms.
    3. Cake, refreshments, and a "Dunk A Pastor" tank after the service. If you want to participate, bring a bathing suit and a towel for yourself.

    We are in the OC Register Today!

    We are so excited that the OC Register ran a story about City Church. It's on their site today.

    Take a look at the article here.


    FYI there is a paywall that is more strict in mobile versions, but if you view it through a desktop, it's viewable with some ads.

    Share the good news!

  • Grand Opening Week 2 - FREE Gourmet BBQ

    Hey City Church,

    Get ready to experience the best tri-tip you've ever had! We decided as a church to celebrate our Grand Opening for an entire month rather than just one Sunday of fun. The second week, we are in for a serious treat. Gourmet BBQ expert Rick Mysse is catering an entire meal for us FOR FREE!

    The bottom line is: you need to bring a friend to experience this! The only selfish thing we could do would be not to reach out and invite someone.

    Bring a friend to this unforgettable service at 10:10am and to the meal immediately following!

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