Easter Is More Than A Day, It’s A…

GospelExhibitVideoWednesday marked the beginning of the 40 day countdown to Easter. It’s the beginning of a season that gears up to a weekend, culminating in a day of celebration on Resurrection Sunday. Though I am a huge proponent of the anticipation that the Easter season brings, I also believe…

Easter is more than a day or even a season, it is a lifestyle. The resurrection of Christ is not just the central point of history, it is the moment around which I am called to re-orient my life every single day. Frankly, if I wasn’t convinced that the resurrection was the most logically defensible explanation for the empty tomb, I wouldn’t be a Christian. However, since I know it isn’t just a fairy tale (it’s history), I wake up each day and try to center my life around the events of the Cross that culminate in the Resurrection.

If the resurrection really is the moment we are called to “re-orient” our lives around daily, how can we make this Easter season a special time to celebrate the events leading up to the Cross? Lent began yesterday. I am not one that “religiously” practices it, but as I feel God lead me to do something, I respond. The point is not just to withhold from something, but to take the time of abstaining to feast upon Christ. YouVersion has a whole slew of Bible reading plans focused on the season you might want to consider checking out. The point isn’t so much what we “do,” it’s why we’re doing it: to focus our attention on these holy events so we can re-focus ourselves upon Christ.

One of the ways City Church plans to make this Easter season extra special is by hosting “The Gospel Exhibit.” For the first time in our church’s history, we are hosting a historically-focused tour of Christ’s work that is 96 feet long and features 35 different displays. It depicts the events of the Cross culminating in the resurrection. It will be a powerful experience you won’t want to miss. Check out the promo video.

Bring Pre-Filled Easter Eggs Starting Sunday

BRINGEASTEREGGSBeginning this Sunday, we are asking you as our church to bring pre-filled Easter Eggs to church for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Easter may seem like light years away to you, but the Egg Hunt is taking place the week before Easter on Saturday March 28th (right around the corner).

We are hoping to collect 10-20k eggs. That might sound crazy, but last year we went through 5k eggs in a nanosecond. If each church of us brings 100-500 pre-filled eggs, we should be able to make it happen. Help us out!

Annual Business Meeting Sunday March 1st @ 1:11pm.

church-business-mAs a church, God has done quite a number of things in the last year. Great news is, we feel that he is still getting started. One of the ways we keep you informed about how your church is doing is through our annual business meeting.

What are we doing here? We’ll present the elders, the budget, and our goals for 2015. As a church, we are an open book. This is just one of the many ways we keep you in the loop about the health and vitality of City Church. All are welcome to attend, but only members involved in attending, giving, and serving are allowed to “vote” according to our by-laws.

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